History of the LAHLC

Los Angeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club

It was in 1969 when five Southern California Hardwood lumbermen lunching at a local culinary establishment, one of whom was yours truly, who had on other such occasions proposed the starting of a hardwood lumberman’s club. Those present also consisted of Bob King, Jerry Lapin, Bob Sheratt and Jack Havens, but it was Bob King who said “You’ve been talking about this long enough, let’s do it”. So everyone chipped in $50. Whereupon Bob went to the phone, called the Community Bank and in due course two young ladies appeared at our table to take our money and establish a checking account in the name of the Los Angeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club.

At that moment this new endeavor was born with “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” as its theme song and as its motto FFFF standing for Fun, Frolic, Friendship and Fraternity, being the initial goal of the club to the exclusion of any possible animosity being caused by discussions relative to our respective businesses in that we are all competitors.

From these humble beginnings our Club got underway with myself being coerced into accepting the charter presidency for a couple of years. Bob King as VP, Jerry Lapin, Treasurer, and Bob Sheratt, Secretary, with our first order of business being to swell the membership and, by being reasonably fastidious about whom we wished to join us in our endeavor, we have over the succeeding years built a Club second to none of fine hardwood lumbermen.

Over the years through the advent of social activity and being in close contact with one another at the monthly meetings we have in high esteem, respect and affection which cannot help instill a great regard and understanding of our hardwood lumber distribution business.

Kenneth W. Tinkler

Charter President

Los Angeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club

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